Times Unexpected - Pregnancy Help Center in Torrance, CA
Times Unexpected - Pregnancy Help Center in Torrance, CA

Facing The Unexpected 


Do you think you might be pregnant? 

We're here with free and confidential support...

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We Are Here For You

An unexpected pregnancy can be scary and isolating. You don’t have to face this alone; we are here to listen without judgment, and to give you support.

Decisions around pregnancy are complicated. We want to provide you with honest answers and empower you to make informed choices that are right for you. 

Our services are free and our doors are always open to you no matter who you are. Come on in. 

We would love to talk with you!

Do You Need Help?

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have the knowledge and resources needed to make choices aligned with your values and circumstances. Whatever your situation, knowing your options is the first step towards making confident and informed decisions about your reproductive health.

The Unexpected Happens

Do You Think You Might Be Pregnant? 

We provide free and confidential pregnancy testing as part of our compassionate services. Beyond confirming pregnancy, we offer counseling and support to empower individuals facing potential pregnancies, creating a safe and caring environment to discuss options and receive guidance.


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Why Get An Ultrasound?

We extend our support by offering free ultrasound exams alongside pregnancy testing. These complimentary ultrasounds not only confirm pregnancies but also provide individuals with a visual understanding of fetal development and gestational age. This valuable service enhances the comprehensive care provided by pregnancy centers, empowering individuals with the information needed to make informed decisions about their pregnancies.

*Conditions May Apply


1 In 5 Women Have An STI

Could You Have One?

The CDC estimates that 1 in 5 women have an STI (1). Taking the step to get STI testing might feel a bit intimidating, and it's completely normal to have concerns. Our licensed medical professionals offer a supportive and discreet environment for individuals. Get tested and treated. If you have concerns about your sexual health, we are here to assist you with support and compassionate care.



What We're About?

For over 47 years we have been servicing the South Bay area, offering free, confidential services provided by licensed medical professionals and trained advocates. We provide a safe place for you to discover your options with no judgment or pressures.  We provide a safe, caring place for every woman facing an unexpected pregnancy offering education, choices, and services.  

Your Options

A positive pregnancy test doesn't mean you're alone. We're here to help, offering a free consultation, discussing what to expect if you're pregnant and exploring your options. Our compassionate team is ready to support you through this journey.


Very caring staff and are genuinely happy for you and want what’s best for you and your baby. They have tons of resources to help in any way they can.

- Megan

I went to the place in search of a pregnancy certificate and what I found was much more than I expected. All the attendants are friendly, helpful and interested in helping. What caught my attention the most was the respect and honesty in the procedures. I recommend the place to those who have questions about pregnancy and reception. They are to be congratulated.

- Juliana

Was a wonderful experience, staff is very friendly and helpful, very supportive.. I cried knowing that their are woman that care about my unborn baby, even when I didnt know how to feel and just had a baby boy a year and half prior.. my daughter is now almost 4 this year, she is crazy and sassy, best decision Ive made

- Stacy


We do not provide or refer for abortions. We do not profit from any of your sexual health or pregnancy decisions.