Reasons to Keep an Unplanned Pregnancy

Life is unpredictable. One day you might find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy and it can feel like your whole world has been turned upside down. It’s normal to feel anxious when considering the prospect of being a parent; it’s a big life change and even people with planned pregnancies experience anxiety. 

Parenting is challenging and it’s easy to dwell on the reasons why you shouldn’t have a baby. But there are also many ways a baby can bring joy and change your life for the better. It’s important to carefully consider these as well before you make a decision on what to do next. Here are some reasons why you should keep your baby:

Incomparable, One-of-a-Kind Love and Joy

Children bring inexplicable joy to their parents. Cynics may call it a survival mechanism, and even if it is, it’s a good one. The unique bond is what keeps many parents going during the more stressful moments of parenting. It’s hard to quantify the overwhelming love and joy a baby brings to their parent’s lives, but these women express it as best as they can:

Our client Yesenia shares: “I thought having a baby would be too hard, but it’s not. I love him so much that it doesn’t really matter if I’m up half the night. It’s worth it.”

Motivation for Positive Change

As a parent, you’re no longer living just for yourself, and your perspective on life changes. Many of our clients tell us that their baby was the spark that helped them to finally kick bad habits and mindsets that they didn’t have the motivation to change before. Two of our clients tell of their experience:

Kendra: “I was living a self-involved lifestyle, and now I want to succeed in my life and career to be a good example for my child and her generation. She’s such a blessing; she’s made me and my family so happy!”

Danielle: “I did a lot of soul-searching, and I came to the conclusion that I’m an adult and I have to be responsible for my actions. Once I decided to have these babies, it gave me the motivation to get my life together.”

Completely Unique Relationship

That baby is wholly unique, there’s only one of them and there will never be another. That makes your relationship completely singular too. There’s an exclusive intimacy and depth of love between parent and child that is simply irreplaceable:

Uncovering Inner Strength

Women are a lot stronger and more capable than they sometimes give themselves credit for. The clients we work with often come to realize just how amazing they are while facing the challenges of being a parent, especially with an unplanned pregnancy:

Client Vicky: “I’ve learned that in being a woman and mother, I have a lot more strength than I sometimes see or feel. My boys have helped me find my purpose. This is what my body made; I created life! It gives me hope.”

Client Serena: “Being a mother has made me stronger and I want the best for my baby.”

Kids Are Fun

While this isn’t a reason to have a baby, it definitely is a bonus point. We all know kids say and do the darndest things. Children are just simply fun to be around and can be genuinely hilarious. They’ll make your day by doing the silliest things and help you take life less seriously: 

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We’re Here for You

An unplanned pregnancy will change your life, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to ruin it. Change can be good, and parenting can be deeply rewarding. This may be a scary time in your life, but you don’t have to face it alone. We’re here to support you. Our client advocates will provide you a judgment-free space and a listening ear to talk about your situation, and a Registered Nurse will answer your medical questions. If you’re worried about your financial situation, your relationship, or have any other concerns, we can help you through it and find you the resources you need. 

Don’t lose hope. You are stronger and more capable than you know. Come by and chat with us, we’re always here for you. Request an appointment today.

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