Parenting Classes

If you’re reading this, we know that you love your child. But raising them is challenging work whether you’re a couple or a single parent, a foster or adoptive parent, a grandparent bringing up grandchildren, or co-parenting across two separate households. Our Breakthrough Parenting Classes help parents from all backgrounds navigate parenthood more effectively and improve their relationship with their children. This affordable 10-week online course is a court order approved parenting program in Los Angeles, California, and is available in English and Spanish.

Breakthrough Parenting Classes

Breakthrough Parenting is a trusted and recognized parenting course that has been helping parents raise bright, cooperative, and happy children for over 25 years. The classes are based online for your convenience, but conducted in real-time with a live instructor who can interact with you and answer your questions. 

The goal of the Breakthrough Parenting course is to promote responsible, thinking, loving, and confident children by using excellent parenting techniques. It provides an immediate opportunity to receive personal attention to your family situation. Come learn tools to connect with your children in a compassionate, caring, and professional environment. 

Course Content

Parents will learn new parenting approaches and pick-up skills in the following areas:

  • Understanding the source of your child’s behavior
  • Communicating effectively
  • Reducing stress in the family
  • Resolving family conflicts
  • Disciplining with love
  • Talking about sensitive subjects
  • Teaching children responsibly
  • Helping children build healthy self-esteem
  • Influencing your child positively
  • Understanding how children think
  • Learning to love

Course Structure

  • 10-week course
  • Interactive online class with live instructor
  • Evening sessions
  • Classes offered in English and Spanish
  • Workbook provided
  • Letter of enrollment and certificate of completion provided

All are welcome to attend the course.

This is a court ordered approved parenting program based in Torrance, California. If you have received a mandate to take a parenting class, it is best to verify approval of our classes with your court of record to verify their acceptance of the parenting class. Each state, county, and individual judge may dictate different requirements.

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